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I havent been on a cruise yet but I did have an experience in Aruba on our honeymoon.
I consider myself conservative for my age. (23) My husband picked out some bathing suits for me which I refer to as 'stripper bikinis'.

I am usually the one who wears a one piece AND a cover up. I take the towell as close to the pool as possible so that I can hurry up and jump in with min. exposure to the public eye. However, I thought....well we are in a foreign country on our HONEYMOON where Im sure Ill never see another one of these people ever again. I decided to fake confidence, hold my head high and trot out on the beaches in my little bikini. However, I didnt think about all those pics that you take on your honeymoon. Jeesh....they will be around forever. However, Im glad I threw caution to the wind....Its definately left a lasting impression on my hubby! 4 years later and he still brings it up. (Sorry honey, not on a cruise.)
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