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Originally Posted by KellyW
I read that Hubbard Glacier was advanceing very fast and that there was a possibility that the Cruise ships would not beable to get close to it this year..
They're giving it about a 50/50 chance at contacting Gilbert Point and causing flooding. The real concern is that if it stays dammed up long enough the silty (and salty) glacial water will spill over into an old channel of the Situk River.... the Situk is a HUGE resource for the town of Yakutat, and has one of the largest remaining populations of wild steelhead anywhere in North America. Filling the river with glacial silt will literally wipe out the fish habitat.

As for cruising, it'll be up to the cruise lines and ship captains to determine how close they get. I would imagine those will be day-by-day and week-by-week decisions.

Was anyone on a cruise to Hubbard when it was doing this in 2002?

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