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Our next cruise we're going to Mayfield Falls, Jamaica. We'll book with the same tour company we always use. Below is the last email I had from them. Maureen is wonderful. If I were going to Jamaica for the first time, and was young like you, I'd do the Dunns River Falls and River Tubing excursion. The climb up the falls is a one of a kind, one place in the world, adventure. We've done it twice, it's very doable. Even if you can't do the tubing, at least consider the falls and shopping. The river tubing is laid back, but fun.

I'd advise that you don't book any tour from the cruise ship. They charge a LOT more than local tour companies you can find on the web, they take huge kickbacks so the local tour people get ripped off, they don't insure anything, they don't guarantee anything. talked to a lot of tour people since then and have discovered that doubling the price of what's available locally is standard practice.

See note from Maureen in Jamaica below.

Have a great day. P.S. If you call or email, please tell her SuzeDove sent you. Thanks

Hi Dove,

Regarding Dunns River Falls, there are two options listed on our site:

(1) Dunns River Falls and shopping – US$51.00 per person (Minimum 4 persons)

(2) Dunns River Falls/ River Tubing – US$73.00 per person (Minimum 4 persons)
May I suggest you review this information at: and let us know if you have additional questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Have a nice day.
Maureen Soares
Jamaica Cruise Adventures
Tel: 876 974-2063
Fax:876 795-4282
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