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Originally Posted by Djcarolina
It really all depends on your director. Royal Caribbean has a policy in place because Fuel/Optix is part of Adventure Ocean. Its under 1 month and ur good but if ur more than a month away, then you CAN get in, just gotta do some paperwork. Carnival is trying to keep things separate because so many 13-14 year olds cause problems and drama. I've been there and i understand it and know lots of 14 y.o's are mature but many are not and theyre trying to keep them out. It depends on your director, some are stict as hell (Andi) and others couldn't care less (Eszter, Dan, Olga, Reiley, Dee). The only big thing theyre changing is not letting 18 y.os in because there have been some issues with like 18y.o dudes hitting on 15 y.o chicks and dads getting upset and the like. The only thing you can do is talk to your director if theyre carding and stickering or if not, then just do what zach does and just go in. Luckily i'm old enough to dance on the bar Woot

haha. but your good as long as you dont act a fool or start anything or bring illegal substances in (well.... maby the last night)

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