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I have flown many of your list. Be advised that glacier dog sledding is the most canceled of all Alaska tours, so always have back up plans, know what else is in port and be prepared for a fast decision- IF offered to consider a regular glacier helicopter landing or not.

My preference is definately for the landings rather than all fly overs. Significantly different experience.

Be aware with some ship excursion vendors, they can be "shuttle like" the flights are tightly booked and on a fixed time. You can encounter drop off/pick up schedules rather than landing and your pilot staying with you. Generally with independents, you have more personal attention and not as tight a timeframe. Most always, you can get some savings booking direct as well, if of interest.

One major factor, I recommend in Ketchikan, with any ship excursion, never book a bear watch that does NOT identify where it is going. This is a poor choice and has more possibility of being skunked. Everything depends on YOUR timeframe. Neets Bay is my recommendation, or Anan-IF at the begining of August??

Glaciers are in a constant state of change and each is unique, none "better" than others in my opinion.
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