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Originally Posted by You
I completly agree. Some women BEG for attention by the way they dress. Some dont. But it doesnt really matter to some (not all) men. If a 'buxom' woman wears a turtle neck, theres always some man who thinks its there right to gawk and comment. Just because a woman has a bigger chest doesnt mean that she is trying to draw attention. Even modest clothes fit differently. I Love to wear polo type shirts. But even they dont disguise whats noticably there. I just think that men should look at women as if it were their sister. Its not right that they can make some perverted comments and get a pat on the back. I dont feel complimented by that kind of behavior. Quiet frankly, its really embarrassing.

I wonder what those men would do if someone looked at their sister like that? LoL
Yes, there are some rather boorish men in this world, too....

Actually, I'm guessing that this sort of behavior is more prevalent on some cruise lines than on others. Historically, Carnival Cruise Line had a reputation for quite a "frat party" atmosphere at sea where that sort of behavior, or worse, would be normative. The line has tried to tone it down in recent years, but my travel agent would be the first to tell you that the line still has the same core of loyal repeat passengers. By contrast, more "upscale" lines historically have drawn a classier clientelle overall. I'm not saying that you won't run into such behavior occasionally even on a line like Celebrity or Princess, but it would be the exception rather than the rule.

BTW, note that I do not apply the term "pigs" to such rude and inconsiderate males. I would not insult our porcine friends in that way.

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