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Originally Posted by sue
AR I always value your opinion concerning money matters because I think you are pretty smart <when it comes to that>

The money rebate is a joke and it will not help but hurt the economy.

The interest rate cuts will not help anyone except the people who created this mess.

Credit cards should be against teh law since it's a legalized loan shark program. We don't have any and will never get one.

This country has been run into the ground financially and it will take a long time before it will recover from the reckless spending.

We are in a recession in my opinion.

Okay that's it
Sue..Just wondering how putting some of the money back into the hands of the people who it belongs to anyway is going to HURT the economy...I know it's up for grabs how much it will actually help, especially in the long term...But hurt the economy?? Not a flame in any way just wondering how you arrive at that kind of conclusion?
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