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Ray Stoney
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Default Re: Glory 2/19 Happy Ending

Has anyone else besides me had any luck pursuing reimbursement with their credit card companies? Please post about your attempts! If you haven't attempted it, I urge you to do it, especially if you have been a longterm customer and have good credit. Be firm, polite, reasonable, and document (see my prior posts).

These Glory 2/19 postings just won't go away because this cruise truly represents the very poor customer relations by CCL more than the fact there were mechanical difficulties.

Yvette from Carnival left a message on my answering machine today to call them back, but the number she left me was unintelligable and left out at a digit so I couldn't call back. (I played back the message at least 6 times). She wanted to know if I had contacted their "Research Department". Anyone seen THAT number on their website? Didn't think so. It is galling to me that they finally want to talk with me NOW that my credit card company has refunded me $1000? All my prior emails, discussions with purser's desk and letter were not responded to except by a form letter that said all I was due was the $100/per shipboard credit for not going to the Eastern Caribbean. Frankly, I'm sick of the whole thing. It happened 6 weeks ago and I'm tired of having to rehash it, but $1000 is worth far more to me than to CCL.

Amusingly, yesterday I received a bulk email from Carnival that I am eligible for discounts as a past customer. Can't wait to take them up on it, yea right! CCL has just gotten too big, they just don't have a clue. Too bad the Glory (a nice ship) wasn't owned by another cruise line. I don't think we'd be posting about this.

So far, my $1000 credit stands in my account. I'll keep you posted.

Good Luck all, and once again congratulations to Wes, who obviously had no engine problems!

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