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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz
Great reports Kuki.

Tho I will not go into details, I have seen an Italian whore house and the Freedom is not quite that bad!!!

I'm pretty sure the tease of EJ being on the next Bloggers cruise is going to cause a sellout very quickly. Hopefully we will be one of the lucky ones. Since we missed out on meeting John on the Turkey cruise I do hope he will be on the Feb 09 cruise, as a pax or CD.

Did you ever get a new suit jacket? You mentioned how the one you packed for yourself had shrunk during the flight to Florida.

Phil & Liz
Phil & Liz...
On the decor, as I stated in my daily reports from the Thanksgiving cruise, though I'm not in love the total decor, there's some rooms that I think are terrific. And just as then, I'm so busy enjoying the ship, that my mind seems to block out the parts I don't care for.

As for the 2009 Blogger's Cruise, we've already secured group space, and should have the package up soon and available for booking. By next week you should be able to get your deposits down.

THE SUIT ... It didnt shrink. I just brought the wrong suit; one of my used to fit, now slightly snug suits. Just one formal night left to suck up my gut to get through
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