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We've cruised thru the Panama Canal 6 times, it's one of our favorite itineraries.
Panama City is always a fun destination for us, when the ship stops at Fuerto Amador. It's a fun 25c mini-bus ride from the tender port to downtown Panama City although the ride is not for the faint-hearted. The 10 mile ride is usually accomplised in 10 minutes including all the stops to let passengers on/off. You zoom thru the streets at the speed of light, past red lights and all! LMAO
One time I filmed the entire ride from tender port to downtown, it's a hilarious 10-minute clip of speed, horns, red lights and more horns that you ever heard in your life. Plus the minibus stopping in the middle of the road to let passengers on and off with cars overtkaing the minibus on both sides as passengers are alighting!
The Mrs likes the casinos and the shopping mall in downtown Panama City.

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