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Default Re: Surprise cruise for hubby gone sour

My hubby was finally able to talk to me in a civil manner. He asked for my forgiveness for all the horrible things he said to me, and of course, I've forgiven him from the first spiteful word out of his mouth.

He told me that he loves me and he never meant to hurt me, it was just the fact that he was trying to fly out to Puerto Rico, and felt so helpless because there were no seats available on any of the flights leaving that day.

The human mind is so complicated, only God understands it. I was sure that if I told him about his sister's death after we got back home, he would be extremely irate for me not telling him sooner. I had absolutely no one to guide me on this one, and at that moment I felt God was standing at the side with his arms crossed just watching, and waiting to see what I would do. My husband told me that I should've told him when we got home from our vacation...go figure. I can't win for losing.

My husband loved the cruising experience. He couldn't believe that he was on a moving vessel, what with all the stores, lounges, swimming pool. He was really dazzled by it all. I ordered room service for him, and he loved his shrimp salad sandwich. I mean, this guy was licking his fingers and raving about how delicious it was.

I had booked the Mayan ruins excursion because I know how much he enjoys learning about ruins, pyramids, and such. He was in heaven as he walked through the Mayan ruins.

Thanks for all of your kind words. My husband came around, and yes, he will be going to Puerto Rico soon to visit his mother.
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