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Blogger’s Cruise – Grand Cayman – Jan. 23 - Half Day report

First off.. You can NOW book for the CruiseMates Group joining the 2009 John Heald Blogger Cruise. Here’s all the info….

Today’s port of call for the Freedom is Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is a very expensive port because of its buoyant economy. We’ve visited GC many times, and Sting Ray City well could be the best excursion in the Western Caribbean.
However, admittedly, after numerous visits, to us it has become a “been there, done that island? so Mrs. Kuki and I stayed onboard the ship. Since Mrs. Kuki had no desire to stay in bed with me all day, and cater to my every desire (it has been so long I forget who ties who up), we went up on deck to enjoy a nearly empty ship.

On our way to breakfast Mrs. Kuki placed her bag on a sun lounger/chaise just in case one of the 8 people still onboard wanted that particular spot. After breakfast she returned to her spot for some “techno reading?. Modern technology perfectly suited to cruising. She’d downloaded numerous books to her Nano Ipod, and reads by listening…so still free to use her eyes for people watching. A key benefit to the Ipod’s ear pieces are they shut out the sound of her snoring so it doesn’t interfere with her reading.

I took advantage of a nearly empty ship to wander about a bit, and take some pictures of public areas while they were unoccupied.

I’ve spoken of my thoughts on the imperfect décor of the ship earlier, however the Havana Bar, on Deck 4 aft, is my favorite bar/lounge at sea. It is the most authentic and comfortable bar, and evenings a jazz trio performs here. For those who don’t object to the sometimes strong odor of cigars, the Havana Bar is a little slice of Havana.

I’d have no problem filling my entire family room with its high back leather arm chairs that literally surround you in comfort when you sit in them. If Carnival would like my home address for shipping I’ll gladly provide it.

Along the Promenade on Deck 5, there’s the surcharge coffee station, along with elaborate desserts for purchase. If you’re so missing the chance to spend $62 each day at Starbucks, this is the place to visit. I’ve really never grasped the thought process of people willing paying more for their coffee than they are for heating their homes.

Also on Deck 5, in the evening, there’s a Sushi Bar. The Sushi is free, and the place is very popular for pre-dinner visits. I am not a fan of Sushi, but here’s a little known fact-- it was relatives of mine who first invented Sushi. Two of my cousins wanted to open a fish restaurant but didn’t have enough money to buy an oven.

The 70’s Disco is also located on Deck 5 Promenade. With all the talk of the over the top design work on the Freedom, by Joe Farcus, the disco is actually quite understated. It’s a great dance venue.

I think I’d best go up top now. I believe I may have missed a meal. I’ll be back to visit with you here again later tonight… if I survive the guinea pig dinner.

In the meantime I want you to know I certainly welcome any of your comments and questions.
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