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Default losing a sail and sign card

Yikes it sounds like if someone in our group loses this card while they are off shore they are stuck there forever. we have 11 in our group. now my question all the kids ages 5 through 12 will also get one of these cards?this the only id card you get correct? this is the card with your picture on it no matter what age you are? of course parents will keep the kids cards at all times. i was confused thinking their was separate id card issued with picture for everyone sailing a nd then the sail and sign card was a separate issued card to whoever chose to have one. i am sorry to be so confused on this. we cruised years ago before sail and sign cards. what everyone is saying you either need cash or travelers checks to hand them or a credit card thaat they take the account number from. thank you for being so patient . i am coordinating this trip for everyone and i will be presenting all the information to them as they have never cruised.
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