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Hi Kuki,

I'm really enjoying your live posts. Sounds like you (and everyone else) are really enjoying the Fredom.

Just a few questions as we may be cruising either the Liberty or Fredom soon...

- Does the big screen take away from the poolside entertainment? RCCL really scaled back from the live pool reggae band, and we are hoping that Carnival has not done the same (and that the TV does not take away from the band and other live entertainment). How is the band, and do they play often?

- If you get a chance, when you speak to the headwaiter or Maitre'd... maybe you can ask if a waiter named Roberto Dejesus is aboard the Freedom. If not, I don't know if that have a way of checking if he is aboard the Liberty... we had him years ago and know he is still with Carnival... we would love to sail with him again.

Thanks for taking the time to report live from the ship. Enjoy the rest of the cruise!
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