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thanks for all the good wishes, everyone.........

so I just got back, maybe 15 minutes or so ago and boy, am I relieved!

The stupidity you come face to face with when dealing with Uncle Sam's bureaucrats!!!! So I tagged along with my CPA, knowing me, he told me to just keep my mouth shut and let him do all the turns out when I sold some investments in 2006 at a loss to offset some capital gains tax, the IRS could not reconcile how this sale (and loss) was accounted for, that's what triggered the audit, or so they claim. Anyways to cut a long story short, it looks like Uncle Sam will now refund me $12.00
How ridiculous and stupid is that? What a waste of taxpayers' money and resources. I should receive a confirmation in writing by the IRS in 6 weeks or so, I was told by the blonde bombshell conducting the audit.

No wonder this country is going In my opinion.

Once again, thanks all! Now to get back to chatting about cruising........

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