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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz
Hi Kuki,
If you are reading this then I guess the dinner was not so bad !

Can you shed any more light on the possibility of EJ being on the 2009 cruise ? Or have you been taken out of the loop for letting the cat outta the bag?

With prices like the ones offered in the 09 cruise we may even go Cat 12 suite just for the heck of it.

Phil & Liz
Made it through dinner
I can tell you if you want to book this cruise.. DO IT NOW!!
The buzz onboard amongst bloggers on the cruise is amazing, and no doubt most everyone is going to want to be there version 2.0.

There's going to be lots of things added for the next one.

Prior to the cruise Fantasy will be coming out of MAJOR drydock including redesign and rejuvination.

As soon as I get back I'm going to look to see if we can dig up a nice hotel package to offer for at least 2 days prior in NOLA.

As far as Elton John's appearance (shhhh) , nothing more can be said, because nothing has yet been confirmed.
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