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Those of you who follow John Heald's Blog know Roberto. For those who may not, he is the key tecn guy behind the blog, and has had MUCH to do with putting the Bloggers group cruise together.

VERY sadly, today Roberto had to leave the ship in Grand Caymen, and head back to Miami, due to the death of his Grandmother.

I spoke to Roberto on deck this morning, and he told me of the death, and how his grandmother had raised him. I felt so bad for him!

Roberto had worked so hard to contribute in the planning to make certain, me and every other person in the Bloggers group had a great time, and he was forced to leave before it's completion by such a heart wrenching death.

We offer our prayers, and those of all the good people of Cruisemates to Roberto and his family. God Bless you Roberto. We'll see you again in 09.
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