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Blogger’s Cruise – Jamaica Mon – Jan. 24
In last night’s report I mentioned the special optional excursion which was offered to the Blogger’s. $99 bought you a day at Dolphin Cove.

Dolphin Cove is a facility that’s been built by Dunn’s River Falls, that has facilities for beach toys, buffet lunches, swims and encounters with sharks, stingrays, and dolphins… and a welcoming No Problem Mon attitude.

The special thing about today was for the $99 rate the bloggers participating were given unlimited food and drink, PLUS their choices of the animal encounters, as well as the opportunity to climb Dunn’s River Falls. Of the 755 who chose to do this excursion today, I’ll bet you won’t find anyone who felt they didn’t get great value for the money spent.

We were invited to head to the Blogger’s Bash with John, Heidi, the Carnival execs, and the press. The instructions were for all us to meet at the end of the pier by 9:45 A.M.

The thing you quickly learn about going anywhere with John & Heidi, either on the ship, or on shore; it’s like traveling with a Rock Star. They can’t get 10 ft. without being stopped by their adoring fans for a chat or a photo op. And it’s simply not in their character to say “no, we’re busy?.

So, being with them, a short walk, which should take 5 minutes, takes a half hour. It’s amazing to watch the patience they have with people, and the time they take for everyone. Having spent most of the day with them, I’m thinking the people stopping them thought I was security.

Rather than talking too much about a terrific day in Jamaica, at Dolphin Cove, I’ll simply let the pictures tell the story. I’ll be back tonight to report on the evening, with our CruiseMates cocktail party, and dinner in the Sun Viking Supper Club

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