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Bloggers Cruise – Jan 24- cont’d
Normally even if you don’t get a lot of people participating in group activities an event like free liquor will draw them like John Heald to an Angela Jolie dreamfest.

I’m assuming a full a day of sun at Dolphin Cove, along with unlimited drinks, must have had some impact on the turnout for our CruiseMates group cocktail party, because only 10 of us showed up.
Perhaps oddly, a significant number of people in our group are fellow Canadians. I assume if they weren’t too drunk from the tour, they simply couldn’t find Deck EH, where the party was being held.

But it was a fine 10 who did show up! We drank some, chatted about cruising, and definitely shared some laughs. There were some technical difficulties with some of the stage sets for tonight’s show so John and Heidi were not able to join us. Nor, unfortunately were they able to join us for dinner in the Sun Viking Dinner Club.

The Press group I’ve been hanging with all week enjoyed a superb meal at the Supper Club. And I fell in love again, this time with the Dinner Club hostess. I melted when she asked me of if everything was fine with my choice? We won’t discuss what was going through my mind while my voice wisely just said yes. I controlled by dirty old man mouth because Anita’s kids were present.

From dinner we had to rush a bit to get to the theater in time for the beginning of the production show, Ticket to Ride, a Beatles tribute show, that is considered Carnival’s top show. Even with my now well documented dead ears, the energy and color of the show impresses.

Having seen the show before, I slipped out a bit early to give lady luck another try in the Babylon Casino. Though I didn’t win, I didn’t lose “much?, and I managed to have some fun with both the dealers and other players. So much fun in fact that once again I find myself at the keyboard at almost 2 A.M. writing to you. This has most certainly been a rest from your vacation when you get home cruise.

These six days have passed faster than jerk chicken and curry through my intestinal tract… well maybe not quite that fast.
I’ve met some more wonderful CruiseMates members, as I always do on our group cruises, and we’re sure hoping we’ll meet again on another cruise. RedHot, when you read this know you ARE Red Hot! And husband Glenn, know I was just looking!

Our friends from Calgary, Barry and Brenda, who’ve never cruised Carnival (though they have cruised several times) loved the Carnival cruise experience. And you should know they are mid 50s, one an attorney, the other a medical administrator.Perhaps not what some think of a Carnival passenger, but they fit in perfectly.

When first boarding six days ago I may have thought this cruise may be a bit on the wild side. I was wrong. By far the large majority of people on this cruise were simply enjoying their cruise, and there were no problems that I saw or heard about for the entire cruise.

Even though tomorrow is the last day of the cruise, and it’s going to get depressing having to pack up, you can bet my antlers, that we’ll be making the entire day a part of our vacation. We’ll have to say goodbye to good friends we’ve met, and Big Ed and some of his Evil Crew who we met, as well as to John and Heidi.

It’s going to be a sad chore, but alleviated slightly knowing many of us, plus many more, will be sailing together again Feb. ’09 on Bloggers Cruise 2.

With the report the agent handling this group sent me via e-mail, I am projecting that this sailing on the Carnival Fantasy is going to be sold out in record time.

John and Heidi were excellent hosts for a new event. When we host a few friends in our home the nerves can get a bit frayed. Here John & Heidi hosted over 3200, and did it with ease; the ease of working 18-20 hr. days to make sure the rest of us enjoyed our vacation, without wanting to strangle 2400 of us.

Tomorrow is still busy with various onboard activities through the day, then a Bloggers Q&A session with “the Press?.

I still get a bit of a chuckle when I’m called “the Press?(like I got away with steeling Nanka's undies, because I’m just a person who, just like you, loves to cruise, who got very lucky to fall into a position where someone was foolish enough to allow me to expound about the thing I love.

I wish the same luck to each of you. For someone to pluck you out of the crowd and tell you that you can be a cruise writer. Just don’t you dare take my job, because I like it too much!
The Q & A will be followed by the final Bloggers Cocktail Party. Bring the Kleenex!
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