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Default Spray tan? Sure!

Depends what you want. I've been spray tanning for about 2 years. Used to be a 'sun goddess' but ended up with skin cancer. Told by the Dermatologist it was the sunning done in adulthood (since I never burnt, didn't do the crazy stuff of youth!! hehe!) but all the bad burns I got (and I sure did!) as a kid. Messes up the DNA and comes out later. In any event, not to add fuel to the fire, I don't 'bask' in the sun anymore, but I still go to the beach and do what I want. I hear you on 'white' ... for me, it's like the 'white whale' look in a bathing suit .... so tried Mystic. Supposed to be the best. I disagree somewhat from other posts, BUT you DO need to be careful. First, yes, it is NOT a base, so you CAN burn. Use sunblock or screen and it won't harm the tan. No clue on the massage, but makes sense. Any mineral based cream, shower bath, etc. will fade the tan. But, you can buy their products (or others cheaper) as long as they don't have alot of mineral oil. They also have an 'in between' cream/foam you can use to extend the tan. And, I've also used Loreal in between. Neither the Mystic Tan or the Loreal is orange or streaky ... that was years ago. They've made vast improvements. As a matter of fact, when I first started using the 'fake' tan I got more compliments on what a great tan I had ... as a matter of fact the last time I cruised, as I was boarding, one of the RCCI employees complimented my 'lovely tan' as I was boarding the boat!! In the beginning I was self-conscious, but now I think it's funny and tell people .... 'it's fake'!! Do yourself a favor and stay out of the beds, use sunscreen in the sun ... you may not get the skin cancer, but both really do damage your skin. I see the Dermatologist about every 6 weeks ... had many surgeries, mostly on my feet, hands and legs, BUT I haven't had melanoma, so I'm very fortunate and keep on top of it since the basal and squamous can turn into that if not treated. So, I keep on top of it and I'm doing just fine! Small price to pay in long run!! The other thing I find is this is a new freedom for me ... used to be I HAD to have my hour in the sun every day .... now my husband and I just go and do whatever!! It can be expensive, but I really only do it before we go away (like now) and during the warm weather months. I got a membership and can freeze it when I'm not using it regularly. I WILL tell ya tho ... went in the other day for the spray and it has been COLD here, I wanted nothing more than to lay on that nice warm tanning bed instead of being sprayed (it's cold!) .... but the flip side is that it's only a few minutes and you're on your way. I say go for it!! You want to look good and feel good, and you're worth it!! Just my opinion and experience!
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