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Originally Posted by vandutch
Thanks for the responses.

By the sounds of it, my Dad will enjoy those lower rooms just fine. I just have to find out if he prefers to have a small porthole to look out or a larger room at the back of the boat.

My biggest concern had been the noise down there, but it sounds like the 1st floor rooms aren't as bad as you think they'd be....and my Dad is a heavy sleeper anyways.

If anyone has been on the Victory, I'd love to hear about 1A rooms that you've stayed in.

I have been on the Victory but do not remember if it was a Cat 1A or a Cat 4-something. I just checked. The Victory has more Cat 1A's than I thought. There are at least 14 of them.

Main Deck has two cabins in the back of the Main deck with the big picture windows -- one on each side of the ship (2444, 2445). There are four 1A's on each side of the front of the ship with portholes on Main Deck (2211, 12, 16, 17) and four more on the Riveria Deck (1201, 02, 05, 06)-- two on each side of the ship. There are two Cat 1A on the Main Deck (1402, 1405), one on each side of the ship near Aft elevators. Those have no windows but are the little studio apartments. They are my favorite cabins thus far. They are big and square and wonderful. Finally, there are also two Cat 1A on the Upper Deck (6226, 6227). I don't know what those look like but I do know they have no windows. They may be idential to the little studios on Main Deck (1402).

Good luck and happy cruzin'

Get that one for your pops. There is no anchor noise under that cabin. There is a good amount of anchor noise under the porthole window cabins. However, if he is a heavy sleeper or early riser, the noise won't bother him a bit. Both ends of the hall are saved from the sound of people talking, running, shouting, knocking on the wrong doors, etc. that is so prevalent with the cabins that are more midship.

I can sleep through the souond of an anchor or engine. The sound of someone knock on or against my door in the middle of the night will not only wake me full awake but will probably scare me half to death. I think the very front and very back is worth not having to deal with that.
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