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HI again Cherie, as promised here are 2 more in depth replies regarding your ports of call.

Rome : For Rome you moor up just over an hours train ride away in a town called Civitavecchia. The train journey is an easy one, and the ticket office know when the ships are in & have the tickets ready. You can also take the Rome Alone tours if you want to do your own thing, but prefer to use the ship's coaches to get you to/from the city. If you do take the train, the ticket is valid for all 5 stations around Rome, so I would suggest getting off at Roma St. Pietro, as this is the closest station to the Vatican & working your way through the monuments in the City ending up at the Terminus (or vice versa). Just make certain that you leave yourself plenty of time to get back to the ship, as a taxi ride would be expensive. or at least have a contingency plan, such as "oh well we missed the ship, but the next port of call is easily reachable by train" - this works for Rome / Livorno, then cut your losses, enjoy the night in Rome & take the train the next day. An easy way to see all the sites in a short time, is to take one of the many city hop-on, hop-off tour buses, which have running commentary by personal headphones. It is worth noting that some of the tour buses are affiliated & buying one ticket allow discounts in other cities.

Livorno : Using the train is perfectly possible from here, IF you are ready to grab the first shuttle bus, have your Euro's ready for the bus ticket & happy to explore. To get to the station walk back to the busy square near the drop off point, & you will see various bus shelters, in these shelters you will find the ticket machines - buy your tickets from these machines, should be 1 Euro (buy one for your return journey too, and keep it for later - DON'T frank it now). You can buy tickets on the bus, but they are a LOT more expensive. I'm pretty certain that it is still bus #1, but the locals are very helpful, so check with them. When you board the bus, you MUST put the ticked into the franking machine for a date/time stamp. Each ticket lasts 1 hour from the time you frank it.

You can get a bus to Pisa, but it stops everywhere & takes a couple of hours. The train is only a short run. The tours office will sell a Florence & Pisa day trip, but it really is a lot to take in one day, but if you are travelling all the way over for this voyage, you may feel it is worth the effort, just make sure you are ready for it. If you are "all toured out" by this time, Livorno is an interesting town to wander around, but you will probably be back on the ship within a couple of hours, so we would definitely reccomend Pisa, Lucca, or Florence.

ANy questions, please feel free to ask

happy cruising,

Alan & Katrina
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