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Default Re: Leave Celebrity For Cunard?


Originally Posted by You
Would you consider leaving Celebrity for Cunard?

The return to class and decorum on Cunard's Queen Victoria is very appealing to my family.

The CEO from Cunard indicated their market surveys indicate a strong and growing target market for a formal, premium cruise experience. Carol noted a large proportion of the respondents are "refugees" from the once premium Celebrity Line. I loved the line "we voyage, not cruise" and "we dine, not eat" - that is exactly what I want

Was wondering if any Celebrity cruisers are interested in acquiring a higher end, more traditional cruise experience?
No. Fundamentally, I don't like the idea of being treated as inferior just because I choose to book a less expensive cabin so I can cruise more frequently. Also, with Celebrity choosing to maintain its traditional standards of dress, many of those who would wear baseball caps in the dining room or do other things that show a lack of upbringing are going to other lines where they don't have to dress for the "informal" evenings. I hope that Celebrity will continue to distinguish its product in this way.

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