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Default Re: Mazatla What to do there


Originally Posted by You
I understand this port SUCKS!!!! What can I do there that is fun & safe. Anything>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Honestly, Mazatlan is the worst port of call on the Mexican Riviera. The main tourist areas actually are pretty safe, but the beach vendors are real pests in front of the downtown resorts and the "Golden Zone" really is a dump, though many people do find good deals there. I do have a couple recommendations, though.

>> 1. The main city tour, which includes the cathedral and city hall in addition to the show featuring the Pampatla Flyers, is very good.

>> 2. There is a shore excursion that combines the show by the Pampatla Flyers with use of the facilities at a resort hotel at the other end of the Golden Zone. The beach vendors are not allowed on hotel property, so you can use the hotel's huge pool without being harrassed.

>> 3. IIRC, there's a shore excursion that goes to an island by boat for a day on the beach, probably with lunch included. I have not done this tour, but it probably gets away from the beach vendors.

Finally, there's a "flea market" right next to the cruise ship pier that's worth a walk-through. The vendors in the flea market will leave you alone unless you stop to look at their booths, and they will not follow you when you move on. If you like to bargain, you can get some great deals there.

Have a wonderful cruise!

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