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I don't think any of this is a matter of 'showing off, being ashamed or even being proud' (none of which in my mind are positive characteristics) .... I think it's more like feeling and looking good to oneself, feeling better and putting your best foot forward ... sort of like when you dress to go out, if one thing puts a better 'look or feel' on, you go with that. Don't most people just like to look & feel their best? When I'm showing alot of skin, I just think a little tan looks better on me ... just like putting on make up, getting your hair done or wearing something more flattering than just sweat pants for a particular event. I'm not showing off, I'm just putting what I perceive to be my best foot forward. Neither do I need to be 'proud' of anything ... just comfortable with myself and who I am. If someone likes lilly white, they should stay that way .... and by the same token, if someone likes a little tan, they should be able to do that without any personal connotations of being ashamed, showing off or being proud! We're all different ... that's why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream! And, although from personal experience, I can vouch for skin damage, once again as long you are aware of the risks, it's a personal choice. Just be careful, have fun and do what you feel comfortable with!
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