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Originally Posted by Redheadsmama
How much is pop/soda on the ship. I noticed it is not included.
Why for pete sake?

When the room states up and lowers, is that like bunkbeds?

What do I need to know.

I want an inexpensive room with a king. I'm not too picky.

Can you bring a laptop? Is it going to be safe in our room?
How much is wifi service?

We will be going on Carnival most likely. I found found
a couple of 7 day ones for about 2200 - 2400 including

Are transfers included to the ship?

If not how much will it be (Miami I think is where the ship is).

welcome to cruisemates, redhead, this is the friendliest cruise websit eon the planet.

Sodas: $2 each or you can purchase a soda card for the duration of the cruise, you CANNOT purchase a soda card by the day.

An inexpensive room with a king: You ARE being picky! The two don;t mix

You can bring a laptop, wifi cost depends on the package you purchase, by the minute it's like 75c a minute. Wifi on ships is extremely, painfully slow-expect to spend countless and I mean countless minutes waiting for pages just to build up.

Shop around and if you can tarvel last-minute, you can get some real good bargains. In 2006 and 2007 we took 5 cruises each year, the maximum we paid was $50 the minimum we paid was $30 (per person per day including port charges and taxes but excluding airafre)

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