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Originally Posted by Kiwidebs
Thanks for all your help. Gosh, so New Zealanders are 'aliens' ! . I hope another 'alien' that has been on a recent cruise can post with their experience. I don't mind getting finger printed, or passport scanned, I just don't want that stamp! .

What if we didn't get off the ship for the whole cruise? Surely we havn't left the USA if we don't visit any other countries? Of course we would love to see Cozumel or some of the other islands, but we could just stay in a deck chair on the boat!

kiwidebs, I hate to be the one to tell you: wishful thinking!

Unfortunately, the we treat bona-fide visitors to our great country the same way we treat criminals: we take their mugshot and their fingerprints everytime they enter the US.
If you are going on a cruise and you are an alien (that IS how Uncle Sam refers to foreigners) upon your return and re-entry into the USA , you will:

Have your mugshot taken again
Be fingerprinted again
If you have a multiple entry visa and you have an I-94 document, you will have to get a new I-94 document upon re-entry as your original I-94 would have been surrendered when you board the ship.
Your passport will be stamped with the date of re-entry.

Unfortunately there is NOTHING you can do about it, if the car is that important to you, do not leave the US for 90 days if you wish to comply with whatever laws you guys have in NZ. There really is no ifs, ands or buts about it.

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