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Default Re: Cruise ship casino player ratings.. Can cruise be comped

Originally Posted by wizdiz
Kinda new to this site been lurking just over a week. Have found info on almost everything.
Just curious to how cruise ships rate their gamblers. I'm a professional online poker pro. Was just curious if I play enough high limit games in the casino will I earn comps as quick as I do in vegas? I already sent in credit and banking info to set up casino account. Anyone have any info as how the cruise ship rates you? Thanks in advance!
I play the slots, mostly, but do like blackjack also. I asked the Ocean Players Club about BJ adding to my point rating. I was told that you'd show your sea pass card to the pit boss and have to play at least $25 a hand for an hour to have it count.

We just got off a B2B cruise (4 day on the Fascination and then 8 day on the Miracle). I got a $100 casino credit on the 1st one and $125 credit on the 2nd one. Plus fruit and wine basket, photo coupons and a free drink every night in the casino.
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