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Originally Posted by lauera9482
I think the biggest problem with the Riviera deck is you are closer to where the crew sleep which is a problem for a lot of people and hence it is cheaper. Generally the higher you are the ship the more expensive it will be, although the Empress deck is the best because it's near everything and isolated from a lot of noise. Hope this helps. If you don't mind being far away from the action and closer to the crew you can save a lot of money
Not entirely correct, Lauera. When you go on your first cruise , go spend some time on the Riviera Deck and find out for yourself why it is one of the BEST locations on ANY cruiseship:

1) QUIET, QUIET location
2) Little foot traffic as it's mainly passengers going to/from their cabins
3) The smoothest ride of ANY deck, period. If you are subject to motion sickness, nothing beats the Riviera Deck. Think of a ship as an inverted pendulum, the higher you are, the more sway the ship has, the lower you are, you get much, much less sway.
4) If you are like the Captain & the Mrs, we like to use the stairs to get to any deck on the ship, helps make up for all the sins we make, foodwise!
The Riviera deck gives you plenty of opportunity to exercise.
5) Elevators are always available at that level, other decks most people are getting on or off the elevator and many times the elevator is full. By the time it gets to the Riviera Deck, it's always empty!
6) When it comes to going ashore, the Riviera deck IS the place to be.
The gangway 9 out of 10 times is just 1 floor down!

Penguin, take the Riviera deck-nothing wrong with it and many times you can get killer deals there. Like an 8-day Mexican Riviera cruise on the Spirit (I believe she is a sister ship to the Miracle and the Pride) for $349, taxes and port charges included!

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