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We have not stayed on the Riviera deck on the Miracle, but have been on Riviera deck on other ships. Like some of the other posters, we have really enjoyed Rivera deck. We find there is less motion. I love being able to look out the window, and be so close to the water. It does seem to be the quietest of all the decks on most days. For some reason, it seems like we also sleep better on Riviera Deck. On port days you are closer to the gangway. It is usually down one deck. It is further away from Lido deck, but that is a positive for us because it gives us a chance to get more exercise. We try to take the stairs instead of the elevators for that reason. I don't recall seeing more crew members around Riviera deck. I found it no different than being on the upper decks. Just the cabin stewards cleaning rooms. It is closer to the Casino which makes me very happy.
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