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wino, sorry if I maybe conveyed the wrong message or impression, me and my sick sense of humor. Honestly, I wasn't trying to be a smartass!

Those are all wonderful Meditteranean ports-of-call and we've been to all of those places, one of them actually holds a very special place in our heart as we visit there often and I do mean often.
As regards MSC, I still have to cruise that line yet. I have heard good/bad things about the cruiseline. I usually keep an open mind about the bad reviews because what experience has shown me is that most of them are reviews where this cruiseline or that cruiseline does not meet our expectations of what should be acceptable to us Americans. Food is always a prime example of that. Suffice it to say, if MSC is anything like Costa, I would cruise with them in a heartbeat.

Again, I apologize if maybe my message did not come across the way I had intended it.

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