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Default Re: Location of cabins / Oosterdam SY / Upper verandah deck

Originally Posted by jscdagourmet
I have been very pleased to read the analyses of the previous posters.
This is our first cruise and our TA told us the HAL SY rooms were excellent due to size, location (basically mid-ship and not right near elevators), being on deck #6 (upper verandah) which has only rooms below and above (I think?). I would be pleased to hear if anyone has experienced an SY on the Oosterdam (or another Vista ship) and been on similar deck?
Wow, you are in for a great time. Do you sail before or after the April retrofit?

Your TA is correct. I was in cabin 6153 and never heard sounds from above or below.

Caution: Listen to the elevators as they arrive at the "Upper Verandah Deck." They actually say, "A burger on the the deck!" Sorry, it was evil of me to say this. If you have this in mind, the elevator voice will clearly say this. My wife and I made it a game to see how many passengers we could influece to hear this. Almost everyone agreed. One lady about fell down laughing. Maybe they will make it sound closer to "Upper Verandah Deck" during the refit.

You're really going to enjoy yourself. How nice to get an SY cabin on your first cruise.
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