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Let's not take any of these comments personally, folks.

I have not heard that comment before, and it seems to me that no one these days really cares about whether or not they are close to the crew. In fact, getting to know the crew is considered a highpoint of the cruise experience for most cruisers these days.

There is some truth to the statement, regarding "the old days", however. If someone at Carnival did say that (which I am not disputing) it only goes to show you that just because they work in a cruise line call center it doesn't mean they really know everything about cruising.

And for that matter, it seems to have been a somewhat effective sales tool to pitch a higher deck cabin to a customer.

If you read our articles, however, you will see we always recommend taking the lower deck cabin if the price is lower and the layout is the same. You save money and the the ride is smoother. Being close to the crew was never a factor we even considered. I would not consider it a problem.
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