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Default Rome further North than New York City & other worthless

OK maybe I'm a nerd to look such facts up, but I find it hard to believe that Rome Italy is further North than New York City. According to my world atlas, Rome is 41.54 to New York's 40.44. Martha's Vineyard is closer at 41.24. Europe is relatively higher in latitude than the USA and climate zone don't always match up. Take London at 51.30 latitude which is closely parallel with Red Bay Labrador 51.44, Calgary(51.03) and Dawson's Landing BC 51.45. The Beatles Liverpool(53.24) is roughly the same latitude as Edmonton AB(53.33). The famous college city of Cambridge England is 52.12 which compares to Saskatoon Saskatchewan's 52.07. Scotland's Loch Ness is around 57( Inverness being 57.28 ) which is parallel with Sitka Alaska at 57.04. In Alaska we have Juneau at 58.18, Seward at 60.12, and Anchorage at 61.12, which parallels that great Scandinavian capitals...Helsinki( 60.10), Oslo (59.55), and Stockholm( 59.20).
What about Paris ( 48.51) ? Try Minot ND ( 48.13), International Falls MN ( 48.36), St John's Newfoundland ( 47.34), and Bonavista Bay Newfoundland ( 49). Vancouver BC is 49.15 and Winnipeg Manitoba 49.53. The strait of Gibraltar which is the Southern tip of Western Europe is somewhat paralleled to the US cities of Nashville and Las Vegas. Cairo Egypt and New Orleans are comparable latitude wise around the 30th parallel.
Maps of North America can appear misleading... Halifax Nova Scotia is further South at 44.36, than Portland Oregon at 45.31. The East and West coast of the USA don't always match up logically in my mind at least..Los Angles (34)is aligned with Cape Fear on the North Carolina Coast. San Diego CA and Charleston SC are close at 32.47 and 32.47 respectfully. San Francisco and Richmond VA match up closely (37.42 & 32.47).
I live at 31.19 which is the same latitude as Southern Morocco, Northern Persian Gulf, Negev Israel, Southern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border, Punjab India, and somewhere near Shanghai China.
Got all that ?
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