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Default Formal Dinner wear

Just off the Carnival Paradise on Friday 2/1. I packed several outfits for "Formal Night" as I was unsure of Carnival's dress code. One thing I noticed is that Carnival had a very relaxed attitude as to what it considers "Formal Dress' and "Country Club Casual". On Formal night I wore dark brown cords with a white dress shirt and a brown micro-fiber Alfani dinner jacket with my trusty boots. The maître d and dining room crew never even looked at what anyone was wearing. I saw a teenager in shorts, t-shirt and red baseball cap eating two tables down on formal night and no one seemed to have a problem.

The other “Country Club Casual? nights, people were dressed in shorts, t-shirts, sweats etc and no complaints from any dining staff etc. I didn't notice anyone turned away.....So I guess that for this cruise an "everything goes" attitude was the norm of the day.
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