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Default Explorer of the Seas Questions

Hi im new here, im 15, soon to be 16, im not new to cruiseing, ive been on 2 before, but I was 12 then and now I am a teen (and new to RCI) I was wondering if anyone could answer me a few questions about the RCI Explorer of the Seas because I have a 9 day cruise on Feb 15th out of NJ.

1. How is the cruise in general?

2. How is the food?

3. How is the ship?

4. What is this curfew I hear about, and how strict is it on EoS?

5. How is teen life like on EoS?

6. Are the teen parties good on EoS?

7. For those who have taken a cruise out of NJ in the winter, how many days about will it be cold?

thats about all i can think of about now. oh and also feel free to leave any suggestions you think about that you wish to share.

TY and have a nice day 8)
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