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The explorer of the seas is amazing!!! I have sailed on her twice from nj.... I did the 9 night sailing on her that youre doing in a few weeks. the teens are really crazy because they are all ny'ers and nj'ers haha...

The cruise in general is really fun.... lots of things to do... lots of people to meet.

the food is always questionable, however, i have always had excellent meals on all of my cruises.

The ship is HUGE. So many things to do and so little time.

The curfew is 1am for anyone under 18, however, it is hit or miss on the royal ships. Sometimes they do enforce it, but mostly they dont. to avoid it, just hang out on the outside promenade deck on the fifth floor (it may be the fourth) or go to the bow on the helicopter pad.

teen life is really fun, the club directors are really fun people and are not strict whatsoever. There will be lots of teens from the northeast on your sailing being that its over february break and it leaves from nj. the parties are really fun... my last cruise there were so many teens dancing, at one point there was no room to move.

The first day will be cold as will the last day. i read that they have tons of indoor activities on the first and last day for everyone.

have an amazing time!!!! if you want, you can add me on facebook and look at my three albums from my 9 night cruise this past june.
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