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Hey! I went on the 9night cruise over the summer! I loved it. Its by far my favorite cruise ever. Oh and you can look at my pics to if you want..ill add you on facebook..i have like 4 albums i think..

1. How is the cruise in general?
It was amazing. Everything was great. Best cruise of my life.

2. How is the food?
Hm..well the food was fine. I didn't eat much except a caeser salad every night! But no one seemed to complain.

3. How is the ship?
The ship is really nice. The layout is very simple, and it looks brand new. It really has everything you want! =]

4. What is this curfew I hear about, and how strict is it on EoS?
It was only enforced to the younger kids. I was out till about 4am every night, except on the last night when we stayed up all night! Just don't cause trouble and you should be fine!

5. How is teen life like on EoS?
When I was on it there were so many teens! There is a lot to do so you will never be bored!

6. Are the teen parties good on EoS?
The teen parties are amazing! Every night people were dancing. And one night you get to go into the Chamber. It's so much fun! Also that night the adults take over the solarium, you can easily get into that one, its fun also. Me and my friends went there after the teen party was over.

7. For those who have taken a cruise out of NJ in the winter, how many days about will it be cold?
I haven't taken one out of the winter, but I'm pretty sure the first 2 days won't be that warm. Once you reach florida it should warm up!

Upcoming Cruises;
none at the moment =[

Past Cruises;
-Ocean Coral & Turquesa Resort; August 2009
-Mariner of the Seas; August 2008
-Explorer of the Seas; July 2007
-Crown Princess; July 2006
-Voyager of the Seas - July 2005
-Disney Wonder - November 2001
-Big Red Boat..not sure when

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