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Default Re: Re: Surprise cruise for hubby gone sour

Would you want to know if a family member got ill or died while you were away? Here's what happened to me: In 1999 I finally got to do what I'd dreamt about my whole life - see The Pyramids. While I was en route to Egypt, my mother fell & broke her hip. She lives alone in an apartment, & she lay on the floor for 6 hours until someone finally heard her calling for help. When my sister came to the hospital from out of town, my mother made her promise not to try to contact me. So when I got home the following week, there was a message from my sister on my answering machine, asking me to call her as soon as I got in. That's how I found out.

I had mixed feelings at first, but I came to realize that it was better for me to complete my vacation than to cut it short.

PS - Egypt was fantastic - better than I had imagined. I'm hoping to go back next year.

PPS - I'm glad things are starting to go better for getsemani & her hubby!
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