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Originally Posted by Marvia
Jungle Jane, we always have one suitcase at the end of the cruise that has nothing but dirty clothes in it! I figure when I'm on vacation I shouldn't have to do laundry. Our funniest experience was when we came through customs after having been in Hawaii, the only suitcase the inspectors chose to go through was -- you guessed it! My husband and I had to turn away so they couldn't see us laughing at them!!
I'm sure that wasn't the first time they've gone through suitcases of dirty clothes. We do the same thing. Although, we put our dirty clothes inside heavy duty garbage bags, then suppress all the air out of them and tie them up for easy packing inside the suitcase. If they had to check out dirty laundry suitcase, I can only imagine their encounter once they opened the plastic bag! :o
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