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Default Question about bringing back items..

Assuming I have enough space to take everything I want home, is there a limit on how much stuff I can bring back from my cruise? I saw somewhere that the first 800 dollars is tax free and the next one thousand dollars is 4%, and someone mentioned that I am only allowed to bring back one bottle of alcohol tax free and the rest will be taxed, but is there a limit otherwise? If I wanted to, could I bring back 100 bottles of alcohol, and a million dollars in merchandise as longs as I paid the taxes on them? I know Im asking about extremes, but we'd like to get several bottles of alcohol from each place we visit that are local to that area. And I saw the rum cakes at the tortuga factory and I'd love to get several of those. I just don't want to have 10 bottles of alcohol and have customs tell me that I can't bring it back home. Besides fruit and flowers, is there anything else that I can't bring back?
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