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Default Re: Question about bringing back items..

Originally Posted by Andrea007
Assuming I have enough space to take everything I want home, is there a limit on how much stuff I can bring back from my cruise? I saw somewhere that the first 800 dollars is tax free and the next one thousand dollars is 4%, and someone mentioned that I am only allowed to bring back one bottle of alcohol tax free and the rest will be taxed, but is there a limit otherwise? If I wanted to, could I bring back 100 bottles of alcohol, and a million dollars in merchandise as longs as I paid the taxes on them? I know Im asking about extremes, but we'd like to get several bottles of alcohol from each place we visit that are local to that area. And I saw the rum cakes at the tortuga factory and I'd love to get several of those. I just don't want to have 10 bottles of alcohol and have customs tell me that I can't bring it back home. Besides fruit and flowers, is there anything else that I can't bring back?
Cuban cigars are a big no no as well as more than one carton of cigerettes. You can bring back as much alcohol as you want. Duty is normally around $2.77 a bottle (NOLA, Mobile, Galveston) The only exception is Texas where they limit non-Texans to 1 gallon of distilled spirits or wine (or any combination of the two). (Texas law).

If you happen to go to St. Thomas or any other US territory, then your limits go up. They will go over of this at the dis-embark talk on the last seaday.

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