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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:10 pm Post subject: Question about bringing back items..


Assuming I have enough space to take everything I want home, is there a limit on how much stuff I can bring back from my cruise? I saw somewhere that the first 800 dollars is tax free and the next one thousand dollars is 4%, and someone mentioned that I am only allowed to bring back one bottle of alcohol tax free and the rest will be taxed, but is there a limit otherwise? If I wanted to, could I bring back 100 bottles of alcohol, and a million dollars in merchandise as longs as I paid the taxes on them? I know Im asking about extremes, but we'd like to get several bottles of alcohol from each place we visit that are local to that area. And I saw the rum cakes at the tortuga factory and I'd love to get several of those. I just don't want to have 10 bottles of alcohol and have customs tell me that I can't bring it back home. Besides fruit and flowers, is there anything else that I can't bring back?
When we sailed on the Conquest in May....only the Texans were limited to one bottle (I don't think it was a gallon, but it could have been) of alcohol. I know this to be true because some Texans became great friends with those of us from Louisiana and we claimed the rest of their alcohol and gave it to them when we were through customs. Rum cakes don't count as alcohol. So, find a friend or two and get them to bring your other bottles of alcohol through customs! As far as the other they ever really check it???? Each time I go through customs, they ask the questions, I answer and we go on. Plus, I've had merchants offer me receipts at lower costs. I didn't need it, but if they offer it to me, surely they offer it to others. AND I think the dollar limit applies to each person, although I think you have to be of legal drinking age to claim alcohol (and that's 21 in the US). Besides, who knows when I bought my tanzanite ring....this cruise or last cruise? Spread out your purchases among your traveling party and pay taxes on the overage. I don't think you will have a problem as long as you aren't bringing a cargo load back!

AND.....I know that cubans are brought back into the US. I know it's illegal, but I know it has been done. I don't recommend it, because they will seize the cigars and you are out the money you paid for them. The story I heard was.....the dogs sniff the luggage you put out your door the night before debarkation. I've been told you should remove the labels and put them in your carry on bag, preferably in a box of tampons.

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