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Default Re: Cruise for a single gent in his 70s (my Dad)

Originally Posted by roxy1123
I want to send my Dad on a singles cruise as a gift, preferably age 50+. He is an active, vital man of 77.

Can anyone recommend a cruise that meets that specification? We are open to destinations, but it would help if the cruise originated in New York.



What a nice thought, Roxy! I know you said New York, but maybe you can consider one of the longer cruises with NCL or Princess. I think they do have some cruises of longer duration out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I think your Dad might have a better chance at meeting up with a single mature lady (if I read the intent right, if I did not, please think of that as yet another senile moment for the Captain ). I know on the longer cruises I have been on, many a times I had the urge to dump the Mrs overboard in exchange for some of the elder hotties on the ship. But seriously, longer cruises tend to cater for more mature crowds because they do have more free time.
I hope this was the info you were looking for and that you do not mind my sick sense of humor.


Btw: welcome to CruiseMates, feel free to ask any questions here, others might pitch in maybe with better ideas on the subject.
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