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Default To the tune of Basin Street Blues

For those of you unfamiliar with this tune come here to check out Satchmo in all of his glory doing this classic jazz tune:
Won't you come along with me.
Down that Mis - sis - sip - pi;
We'll take a ship to the land of dreams.
Cruise down the river,
Bloggin 2 New Orleans.

John and Kuki's there to greet us
Our cruisemates will meet us,
Where all the bloggers love to meet
Heaven on earth, they call it New Orleans

Erato Street is the street
Where the Cruisemates always meet
In New Orleans, land of dreams
You'll never know how nice it seems
Or just how much it really means.

Glad to be, yessiree
Where welcomes free, dear to me,

Where I can lose my Bloggin 2 New Orleans Blues.

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