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OK I will look at it in the morning. It is a cute song. Well see what we can come up with. Well girlfriend, its time for me to put the beenie to bed. Take care, D/H is suppose to be home tomorrow. I fear he may not be able to get his car out of the airport parking lot since it snowed so heavily in Chicago, if thats the case, I will have to drive up in the giant blue TuRD and get him and leave the car there until we can get it out. Pray he gets the car out, because I have been to Chicago once this week and that was enough. I hate the city in the winter time, and only mildly despise it in the summer... It's not the city really, its the traffic.
Either way I'll pop in and see if we can't come up with something creative, looks like you were doing pretty well yourself though.

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