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Mel...the things we Louisiana folks will do for our Cruisemate Friends ..I'll work on it this weekend on Sunday after church since there is no football and I'm buying some new 8) 8) Smooth Jazz to listen too 8) 8) ...You know that will distract me from my real mission of catching up on all my back issues of Playboy Magazine so I will be able to spot the last 24 Playmates of the Month at the pool on my Playboy Jazz Cruise 2 weeks earlier

I love Beenie's suggestion that we have Kuki give us a XXXX nightshirt and we can wear it on deck on PJ night..You can wear a Saints/LSU inspired thong and I'll wear a Jazz/60's Motown inspired speedo underneath our nightshirt :: and since you just came from the Zulu Ball we can teach all our Cruisemates how to 2nd line around the deck to our "theme song"..I'll see if I can get Irma Thomas to record it for us on a CD prior to the cruise
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