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Originally Posted by Inis46
Originally Posted by CaptainEdwardJohnSmith
Originally Posted by Inis46
When on the Legend last summer, they had a last day on the ship "special" on Cruzan Rum, if you bought 4 I did. So here I am going thru Customs with the nicely packaged, obviously booze, cardboard carrying case and the agent loudly asked, "Now just how many bottles are in there?" I reply, "Four". He says, "ALL for you?" I reply, "Yes, sir"(oops). He takes me by the arm and leads me a couple of feet out of the line. I am now sweating bullets and wondering what kind of trouble am I in He says, in a low voice, "You MEANT to say that, ONE bottle is for you, and ONE is for her (pointing to my daughter), ONE is for him (pointing to my son-in-law) and ONE is for him (pointing to his co-worker....). R-i-i-i-g-g-h-h-t-t-t.....???". I laughed and followed his lead by declaring, word for word, who the booze was supposedly for. He then winked and wished me a good day. The little sweetie....

Phewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! I sure am glad you did not try to reach for the agent's .380 pistol ...........that would have not been such a "bright idea"
You'd be a hoot to cruise with, sweetheart!

He was kinda cute.....I'd like to see his .380 on my bedside

you ARE a naughty girl
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