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Default Re: Dress?


Originally Posted by You
OK now I'm confused. reallyI am. The last post said no halters for formal. I bought a really pretty coctail dress for one of the formal nights and it is halter style, I did buy a wrap to go around the shoulders, is this not ok?

Some cocktail dresses are more formal than others. The option of a cocktail dress for "formal" evenings presumes a style, material, etc., that's approprate for that standard of dress -- which obviously can be a judgement call. I'm not going to say that all cocktail dress with halter ties would not be appropriate, but somebody else apparently thinks so. But in any case, I doubt that it would get you turned away from the dining room, shows, etc., on any of the major cruise lines.

Originally Posted by You
And has anybody ever seen a cruise turn someone away because they were not dressed right?
Yes, I have seen Celebrity's staff turn people away from the shows as well as from the dining room due to inappropriate attire -- though not on every cruise. Standards of dress tend to degenerate to "anything goes" when cruise lines fail to enforce them, totally changing the ambiance of the cruise.

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