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Default STEINER CRUISE- Tricked into selling detox programs

Hello everyone,
My brother has recently secured a position working on Steiner Cruises in what he was told was a personal training position (resident personal training assistant during voyages). He has paid an air fare to fy to the UK and is currently being housed in a haflway house that is primarily used for recently released prison inmates.

At his first training session (the first of a course that last for a full month in the UK before he boards his first vessel) he was told that he will not be doing personal training, but instead he will be selling detox products and programs. This was never mentioned to him before his arrival. He is now in a training program that last from 8am until 10am every day and focuses almost exclusively on detox products, how to sell them, how to run seminars that sell them etc.

Needless to say, I am pretty upset about this and intend to ensure that a) by brother is compensated for this deception and 2) that others do not fall into the same trap.

My question here is, has anyone else ever heard of anything like this with Steiner? I am looking for any information at all that will help me build a fully accurate picture of the situation.

Thanks in advance.
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